Flag of Ireland Eamon de Valera

President Eamon de Valera

Full name: Eamon de Valera
Gender: Male

Country: Ireland (3rd President)
1) June 25, 1959 to June 24, 1973

Preceded by: Sean O'Kelly
Succeeded by: Erskine Hamilton Childers

Political Party: Sinn Féin (1916–22, 1923–26), Fianna Fáil (1926–59)
Other Political Titles: Taoiseach, President of the Executive Council, President of Dail Eireann, President of the Irish Republic, Teachta Dala, Member of Parliament for East Clare

Date of Birth: October 14, 1882
Birth Place: Manhattan, New York City, United States

Date of Death: August 29, 1975

Education: Royal University of Ireland