About Us

Information on World Presidents Database and the editors behind it.

The title President is usually used when someone presides over a group of people. In our case, a nation.

At World Presidents Database, we use the word President to refer to the leader of a nation. Who can be an actual president, a prime minister, king or even a dictator.

Currently the site contains 552 current and past presidents and leaders of the world. Feedback and suggestions on whom to add next are welcome via our contact page.

World Presidents Database is part of a network of information based historical websites including the today in history sites On This Day and Hoy en la Historia and the refernce sites Borneo Dictionary and Football Crests.

Flag of New Zealand James Graham - Managing Editor

Managing Editor of World Presidents Database, James Graham
James visiting a historic site

James founded his first major website On This Day in 2000 and went on to acquire and expand World Presidents Database in 2009. In the years since he has added hundreds of presidents, prime ministers and dictators to the site.

He shares his love of history and politics with a love of travel, often combining the two in trips to see historical places, capital cities and ancient archeological sites. Some of his favourites have been the Angkor Wat complex of temples in Cambodia, the numerous Chachapoyas ruins of northern Peru and the majestic Machu Picchu, near Cusco in Peru.

James has Conjoint Bachelor of Arts and Commerce degrees from the University of Auckland, majoring in political studies and economics.

Flag of Malaysia Almalyn Ayok - Editor

World Presidents Database Editor, Almalyn Ayok
Almalyn enjoying a flat white

Almalyn is our photo editor and thus spends her day sourcing the most interesting presidential portraits along with adding new profiles of current and past world leaders.

Her native languages are Bidayuh Biatah and Bidayuh Bau, which she is working to preserve as co-founder of Borneo Dictionary, a not for profit project supported by World Presidents Database.

Almalyn has a Bachelor of Social Science from the Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) in Kuching, Borneo.