List of Presidents of France Flag of France

Leaders, Presidents and Heads of State of France.

1st: Bonaparte, Louis-Napoleon 2nd: Thiers, Marie Joseph Louis Adolphe
3rd: de Mac-Mahon, Marie Edme Patrice Maurice 4th: Grevy, Francois Paul Jules
5th: Carnot, Marie Francois Sadi 6th: Casimir-Perier, Jean Paul Pierre
7th: Faure, Felix Francois 8th: Loubet, Emile Francois
9th: Fallieres, Clement Armand 10th: Poincare, Raymond
11th: Deschanel, Paul Eugene Louis 12th: Millerand, Alexandre
13th: Doumergue, Pierre Paul Henri Gaston 14th: Doumer, Joseph Athanase Gaston Paul
15th: Lebrun, Albert Francois 16th: Auriol, Vincent Jules
17th: Coty, Rene Jules Gustave 18th: de Gaulle, Charles Andre Joseph Marie
19th: Pompidou, Georges Jean Raymond 20th: Giscard d Estaing, Valery Marie Rene
21st: Mitterrand, Francois Maurice Adrien Marie 22nd: Chirac, Jacques Rene
23rd: Sarkozy, Nicolas 24th: Hollande, Francois Gerard Georges Nicolas
25th: Macron, Emmanuel

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